Vivian Isaac

Journal article

Understanding unmet care needs of rural older adults with chronic health conditions: a qualitative study

This qualitative study sought the views of both rural older people and healthcare professionals, to understand health needs, barriers and enablers of accessing health services, with a focus on chronic health conditions.
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Associations of the initial COVID-19 lockdown on self-reported happiness and worry about developing loneliness: a cross-sectional analysis of rural, regional, and urban Australian communities

Australia adopted hard lockdown measures to eliminate community transmission of COVID-19. Lockdown imposes periods of social isolation that contributes to increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and worry. We examined whether lockdowns have similar psychosocial associations across rural and urban areas and whether associations...

Systematic review

Smart devices and wearable technologies to detect and monitor mental health conditions and stress: a systematic review

Recently, there has been an increase in the production of devices to monitor mental health and stress as means for expediting detection, and subsequent management of these conditions. The objective of this review is to identify and critically appraise the most recent smart devices and...

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Screening for burn-out in Australian medical students undertaking a rural clinical placement

This project investigated Australian medical student burn-out during rural clinical placement and examined the association between perceived burn-out and rural career intent at the time of finishing their rural placement.