Simon Stewart

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Sustainability of healthcare professionals’ adherence to clinical practice guidelines in primary care

Sustainability of adherence to clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) represents an important indicator of the successful implementation in the primary care setting. Aim: To explore the sustainability of primary care providers’ adherence to CPGs after receiving planned guideline implementation strategies, activities, or programmes. Methods: Cochrane Central...

Audio podcast

Research that matters: collaborations across nations and industries

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally. In this episode, Professor Simon Stewart explains why he’s dedicated his whole life to improving the health outcomes of people with heart and lung diseases.
Journal article

Frailty and Seasonality

Frailty in older adults is a complex condition in which only a minor external stressor may cause severe complications leading to death. In the context of the recent devastating bushfires in Australia and the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, recognising and protecting those affected has magnified the...


Peak Winter! A report on the seasonal impact of heart failure in Australia

Based on the best available evidence, this report describes the annual burden of hospital admissions linked to a primary diagnosis of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and heart failure through the prism of seasonality.

The heart of inequality

This report highlights collective work in investigating heart health disparities among disadvantaged individuals and communities and innovative strategies that will reduce key inequalities.