Denise De Souza

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Integrated Child and Family Hub models for detecting and responding to family adversity

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Reupert A., Yap M.B.H., Eapen V., Haslam R., Sanci L., Fisher J., Mukumbang F.C., Loveday S., Jones R., Constable L., Forell S., Morris Z., Montgomery A., Pringle G., Dalziel K.
Integrated community healthcare Hubs may offer a ‘one stop shop’ for service users with complex health and social needs, and more efficiently use service resources. Various policy imperatives exist to implement Hub models of care, however, there is a dearth of research specifically evaluating Hubs...
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Understanding for whom, how and why Sydney Local Health District’s integrated response was effective in addressing COVID-19: a critical realist qualitative study

Australia has been comparatively effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. The Sydney Local Health District [SLHD] used a “whole of health” integrated approach to respond to the pandemic. The aim of this study was to understand for whom, how and why this response worked...

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A critical realist approach to systems thinking in evaluation

Like the field of evaluation, the field of systems thinking shares the goal of describing and assessing programs or situations to recommend improvements and facilitate decision making. This article negotiates the boundaries of knowledge pertinent to have in program design and evaluation from a realist...
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Care coordination for vulnerable families in the Sydney local health district: what works for whom, under what circumstances, and why?

Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods (HHAN), an integrated care programme in the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), seeks to address the needs of disadvantaged families through care coordination, as one of its components. This research aims to determine for whom, when and why the care coordination...

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A critical realist evaluation of an integrated care project for vulnerable families in Sydney, Australia

Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods (HHAN) Integrated Care Initiative was established to improve the care of families with complex health and social needs who reside in Sydney Local Health District. HHAN seeks to provide long-term multi-disciplinary care coordination as well as enhance capacity building and promote...