Sharon Goldfeld

Literature review

Sustained nurse home visiting for families and children

This literature review investigates service delivery processes and strategies that are associated with better engagement of and outcomes for families and children who are experiencing adversity (often referred to as “vulnerable”). It was undertaken to inform the development of an Australian sustained nurse home visiting...

Early learning programs that promote children’s developmental and educational outcomes

This resource sheet reviews international and Australian research evidence for the characteristics of early learning programs that are effective in promoting developmental and learning outcomes.
Literature review

Sustained home visiting for vulnerable families and children: a literature review of effective programs

Parenting young children has become a more complex and stressful business, especially for those families in our community with the least resources (Grose, 2006; Hayes et al, 2010; Poole, 2004; Richardson & Prior, 2005; Trask, 2010). A widening gap exists between families that function well...

Building early detection systems for child development problems and normal toddler eating

There is substantial research about the importance of identifying problems early, before they become entrenched. Intervening early in the course of a condition or problem increases the chance of there being a positive outcome; the earlier intervention is commenced, the more likely it is to...
Journal article

Population health and wellbeing: identifying priority areas for Victorian children

In contrast to previous population survey programs nationally and internationally, this study seeks to extract contemporary policy-oriented domains for inclusion in a strategic program of child health data collection, using a stakeholder consultation process to identify key domains and policy information needs. The outcome is...