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Analysis of start-up digital mental health platforms for enterprise: opportunities for enhancing communication between managers and employees

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employees being exposed to transformational stressors from within and outside the organization. This has created an opportunity for employee mental health solutions.

There has been a rapid growth in start-ups offering clinical mental health services via a digital health platform. These platforms servicing enterprise employee mental health needs have not been evaluated with respect to their ability to enhance management communication. The aims of this study are to explore communication and service attributes across a sample of five operational leading commercial start-up platforms for mental service delivery to employees.

It was observed that all platform models focused on providing on-demand mental health consultation services. Existing platforms fail to adequately support management communication for mental health solutions across 80% of platforms reviewed. The authors recommend that industry start-ups should understand the need for management engagement with digital mental health platforms. Digital mental health platform solutions in the workplace are ideally supported by valuing leadership communication. A culture around mental health will create sustainability in digital mental health solutions for an organization.

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