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Discussion paper

Digital platform services inquiry – September 2023 Report on the expanding ecosystems of digital platform service providers: issues paper

This issues paper poses questions and seeks submissions from consumers, businesses and interested stakeholders about the investment decisions made by digital platforms, the interconnectedness of expanded products and services within each ecosystem, and the potential impacts on competition and consumers.

Greenwashing by businesses in Australia

This report outlines the findings of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC’s) 2022 internet sweep of environmental claims. It details the key issues identified in the sweep, and provides an overview of the ACCC’s planned work relating to environmental claims and sustainability.

ACCC CDR compliance review of authorisation processes

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) gives consumers greater control over their consumer data by enabling consumers to direct a data holder to safely share their CDR data with an accredited data recipient. This report outlines findings regarding six data holders’ compliance with their authorisation-related CDR...

Digital platform services inquiry: interim report no. 5 – regulatory reform

This report considers competition and consumer issues identified in the course of the Digital Platform Services Inquiry, the ACCC’s Digital Advertising Services Inquiry and the original Digital Platforms Inquiry. The report recommends a range of new measures to address harms from digital platforms to Australian...
Discussion paper

Digital platform services inquiry – March 2023 Report on social media services: issues paper

The ACCC has released this issues paper, which seeks views on the operation of social media services in Australia from interested stakeholders. The ACCC invites submissions on the matters outlined in this paper by 9 September 2022.