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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

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Digital platform services inquiry: interim report no. 4 – general online retail marketplaces

Online marketplaces are performing an increasingly significant role in connecting Australian consumers and businesses and are an important link in building trust and confidence in the digital economy. This report examines potential competition and consumer issues in the provision of general online retail marketplaces to...

Market studies: making all the difference?

Market studies have recently risen to prominence in Australia’s competition policy. This article explains the role of market studies and makes the case that they are an important and complementary part of the toolkit for a competition enforcement agency.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper for interim report no. 5: updating competition and consumer law for digital platform services

This ACCC discussion paper seeks stakeholder views on whether there is a need for new regulatory tools to address competition and consumer issues, in relation to the supply of digital platform services and, if reform is needed, options for regulatory reform.

Container stevedoring monitoring report 2020-21

This report presents information on the financial and operational performance of the monitored container stevedores, as well as observations regarding key developments within the sector relating to COVID-19 and prior supply chain transformation, competition and port regulation.

Digital platform services inquiry: interim report no. 3 - search defaults and choice screens

This report examines the provision of web browsers and general search services to Australian consumers and the effectiveness of choice screens in facilitating competition and improving consumer choice. The report also provides the ACCC’s advice to the Australian Government on Google’s rollout of search engine...