Maryann Wulff

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Last Name: Wulff
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17 August 2015

This research found there was a shortage of 271,000 affordable and available rental dwellings for very-low-income households in 2011, an increase of 60,000 since 2006.

17 January 2011

Gentrification raises concerns about segregation, social mix and sustainability issues for Australian cities. This report examines the process and its impact. 


29 November 2010

This research aimed to empirically document and map the process of socio-spatial polarisation in Melbourne as expressed in housing prices and rents, income and labour market change.

Discussion paper
28 September 2009

This positioning paper provides the empirical update from 2001 to 2006 on the need for, and supply of, low rent stock in the private rental market.

It addresses the...

24 August 2009

This report is designed to evaluate the concept of ‘housing submarkets’ in terms of its relevance for social housing analysis and to assess its usefulness in informing management and...

30 March 2009

This paper considers available data sources and a model appropriate to estimating areas of intensive suburban gentrification activity, and subsequently ways to accurately measure flows of...