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20 Nov 2015

The Paris climate negotiations will seek to establish an agreement for a new common international framework which facilitates stronger domestic policies for limiting pollution. For the first time, this agreement will call for domestic actions from all countries – a critical step toward keeping warming...

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20 Nov 2014

This paper argues that Australia should restate its commitment to participate in a new post-2020 framework that is consistent with the national interest of avoiding 2C of global warming.


In Lima Climate Summit: Striding or Shuffling to Paris? The Climate Institute...

Research report

4 Jul 2014

Overview: All major political parties in Australia recognise that the nation needs strong and effective climate change policies to reduce emissions. There is also bipartisan support for the globally agreed goal to limit global temperature increases to less than 2oC above pre-industrial levels. For...

Research report

15 Aug 2013

This paper outlines the results of an analysis of both the Government’s legislated policies and a range of approaches the Coalition could take to implement its policy platform.

The Coalition is yet to announce details of key elements of its policy. To capture a...

Research report

8 Apr 2013

In order to achieve current climate change goals, Australia needs to use a long-term carbon budget approach to properly assess the risks, responsibilities and realities of doing its fair share.

Australia’s carbon laws and international negotiations are based on avoiding more than two...

Research report

19 Mar 2012

This report positions Australian climate policy in a global context and elaborates on the implications of global climate diplomacy and domestic actions for Australia.

The overarching theme is leadership. The Global Climate Leadership Review identifies which nations are currently leading the low carbon...

Research report

14 Mar 2012

Australia could get more out of its carbon pricing scheme by focusing its emissions trading efforts on its neighbours rather than Europe.

Carbon markets are the forefront of domestic climate policy in Australia. They are now also becoming a core question of diplomacy, as...

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13 Jun 2011

The recent Productivity Commission report on Carbon Emission Policies in Key Economies boosted the Government's arguments for a carbon price.

It commissioned the work for the Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change, a parliamentary group which is discussing the carbon price. The Commission concluded that...

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