Peter Brent

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Last Name: Brent
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Peter Brent is a writer and adjunct fellow at Swinburne University.

28 December 2016

Electorally speaking, Cory Bernardi is on the wrong Coalition faultline, writes Peter Brent.

13 September 2016

Among the real risks of the marriage equality vote is the possibility it might fail, says Peter Brent.

30 August 2016

The global financial crisis continues to make governing difficult. No wonder the poll figures aren’t so good

30 May 2016

The national election pendulum might swing Labor’s way, but it’s in the states that the seats will be won.

26 May 2016

Now the Palmer United Party has all but departed to political heaven, it's worth looking at how its preferences shaped the 2013 election outcome and what this means for the July 2 poll, writes...

12 May 2016

There are seven reasons why the Coalition might think things are going well. And the same goes for Labor

28 April 2016

By taking the initiative on the dreaded three-letter word, Labor has scored an important win.

15 April 2016

Opinion piece by Peter Brent, examining the case for holding referendums at the same time as elections.

13 April 2016

Kevin Rudd’s fate is a cautionary tale for an announcement-prone Malcolm Turnbull.

5 April 2016

A bad Newspoll result suggests that Malcolm Turnbull has provoked the economic anxieties of the electorate. The question is: why?