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18 Jun 2018

This report’s recommendations provide the Australian government with an opportunity to strengthen its work with respect to Antarctica and build on already impressive foundations.


7 Jun 2018

During its inquiry, the committee received compelling evidence that Australia is facing an unprecedented threat from espionage and foreign interference. The committee also received evidence that current laws are not adequate to deal with this threat.


6 Jun 2018

This inquiry focused upon the level of influence that political donations exert over the public policy decisions of political parties, Members of Parliament and government administration.


31 May 2018

On 26 March 2018, the Senate referred an inquiry into the ‘Commitment to the Senate’ issued by the Business Council of Australia on 21 March 2018, and commitments to stronger wages and employment to the Senate Economics References Committee for inquiry. This is the interim...


30 May 2018

This is the final report of the inquiry by the Senate Economics References Committee into corporate tax avoidance in Australia.

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Briefing paper

3 Aug 2015

Current terrorism threats identified by the Australian and other Western governments include those associated with their nationals fighting with overseas terrorist and insurgent groups (‘foreign fighters’) and different forms of ‘home-grown’ terrorism. While the foreign fighter phenomenon is not new, a range of factors, including...


13 Jul 2015

In 2014, the Minister for Foreign Affairs launched a new development policy that changed the way Australian aid is to be delivered. Increasing engagement with our private sector, both in Australia and in developing countries, promoting gender equity and refocusing on the Indo-Pacific region is...

Briefing paper

9 Jul 2015

Executive summary

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) regards northern Australia as strategically important, both for national defence and as a forward base for regional engagement. The ADF presence in northern Australia also directly contributes to the economic and social development of the region. A...


3 Jul 2015

In this Parliamentary Library National Reconciliation Week Lecture on 3 July 2015 Laurie Bamblett refutes the label ‘Aboriginal Disadvantage’ as a concept that 'does more harm than good'.

Laurie Bamblett, a Wiradjuri man of New South Wales, started as a research fellow at the...

Research report

30 Jun 2015

Levies and charges are taxes initiated by primary industries and imposed on the producers in that industry in order to pool resources and to find solutions to priority issues. This review examines the systems by which agricultural levies are monitored and enforced in order to...