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Briefing paper 5: identifying regional capitals

Regional capitals in the WA settlement hierarchy
Regional planning Cities and towns Rural and remote communities F H McKenzie collection Western Australia
  • This report identifies the regional capitals of Western Australia based upon a conceptually meaningful regionalization, where regions are defined by (a) the Western Australia Regional Development Commissions, (b) functional economic regions.
  • Regionalization based upon the existing policy framework clearly identifies the members of WARCA and Northam as the strategically significant Regional Capitals of Western Australia.
  • Regionalization based upon functional economic regions is consistent with this evidence but also adds Busselton and Esperance to the list of Regional Capitals.
  • The evidence suggests that there is a distinct and widening gap between the Regional Capitals and the remainder of ‘regional’ Western Australia
  • This evidence suggests that there needs to be a significant reorientation of regional policy away from Supertowns and towards the Regional Capitals.
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