Start Right guidance – BETA version: guidance on how to get policy projects off to a great start

Policy Public sector New Zealand

This guidance document provides advice and a framework for New Zealand policy practitioners to make the best start in policy projects. Start Right is also known as policy commissioning, policy initiation and project management for policy development. Start Right is a lightweight approach to making the best start in policy projects. It is backed up by a growing list of tools to make the job easier in these early stages.

There are three parts to Start Right:

  • Commissioning Conversations – the beginning that provides the initial impetus and information for your policy project.
  • Exploration – the scalable set of initial actions at the early stages of a policy project (including data gathering, analysis and project planning).
  • Green Light – the confirmation (based on your Exploration) of the main parameters to begin your policy project.

This document provides advice, resources and questions to consider for each stage of the process.


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