GALFA LGBTQ homelessness research project - final report

LGBTQ homelessness: risks, resilience, and access to services in Victoria
Homelessness LGBTI Transgender people
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This report documents a mixed methods research study, the aims of which were to:

  • Identify major contributors and pathways into and out of homelessness for LGBTIQ people;
  • Investigate their experiences of current homelessness service provision;
  • Examine current practice (including data collection) and best practice to ensure homelessness services are LGBTIQ inclusive; and
  • Make the project findings available to influence homelessness and mental health policy initiatives, services, and training on specific issues for LGBTIQ people.

The main research questions were:

  • What are the pathways into and out of homelessness that are specific to being LGBTIQ?
  • How can homelessness services best serve the specific needs of LGBTIQ people?
  • How does Australian housing and homelessness policy need to change in order to become more inclusive of LGBTIQ people?
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