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Writing themselves in again: 6 years on

The 2nd national report on the sexual health and well-being of same sex attracted young people in Australia
LGBTIQ+ Youth Sexual health Australia
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The young people

Writing Themselves In Again - 6 years on: the 2nd national report on the sexuality, health and well-being of same sex attracted young Australians is the follow up report to a similar study conducted in 1998. This earlier report documented the experiences of 750 young people at home, at school and in the community and revealed a number of negative experiences and concerning health outcomes for these young people.

The dissemination of this research was at least partially responsible for a number of positive changes in support for same sex attracted young people (SSAY) in the following years. The purpose of repeating the survey in 2004 was to explore the extent to which these changes have made a difference.

In all 1749 young people aged between 14 and 21 successfully completed the survey online, or in hard copy which they received on request by mail. This time there were more young men (n = 1106) than young women (n = 643) responding and we believe this was because of internet advertising which tapped more young men than young women. Nine transgender young people completed the survey.

All states and territories were represented in proportion to their youth populations and 21% came from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD). Eighty percent of young people came from major cities, 15% from inner regional Australia and 5% from remote areas.

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