Evaluation of the Partnership Arrangement for Customs Sector Development in the Pacific and Timor Leste

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A Partnership Arrangement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) was signed in October 2011 and runs until 2021. Funding of $6.254m has been provided by the New Zealand Aid Programme for the first five years of the Arrangement, with a commitment to an independent mid-point review (this evaluation). Work funded through the Partnerships Arrangement has focused on long-term, targeted bilateral support to the Cook Islands, Samoa and more recently Fiji. Support under the Arrangement has focused on strengthening governance and leadership, assisting in the development and implementation of improved national legislation, policies and procedures; and overseeing Customs modernisation and border management procedures in the region.

The purpose of the evaluation is to:

  • underpin the overall coherence and future strategic direction of New Zealand’s investment in Customs capacity building in the Pacific;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the Partnership Arrangement as a management tool in supporting the delivery of desired outcomes; and
  • inform the development of Partnership Arrangements with other State Sector partners.
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