The Tonga Police Development Programme (TPDP) is a trilateral partnership between the Governments of Tonga, Australia and New Zeland. It is implemented by Tonga Police, Australian Federal Police, and New Zealand Police.

This evaluation identifies what is working and what is not in order to improve TPDP management and implementation, and achievement of results, for the remaining duration of its current phase. Data was gathered via a document review, phone interviews with key stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand and a 10 day visit to Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

This evaluation concludes that the TPDP has provided valuable assistance to Tonga Police during a period of significant change. The trilateral arrangement has served as a useful modus operandi for Australia and New Zealand to support Tonga in their shared objectives for a more professional police service that has the trust and confidence of the Tongan people.

The contributions of TPDP have been relevant, targeted and a strong focus on infrastructure has resulted in new and upgraded facilities as well as equipment to support more efficient and effective policing.

Steady, focused support to community policing initiatives and training new and existing police officers is contributing to enhanced engagement with communities, improved policing skills and a sense among police officers that they are proud of the work they do in law enforcement.

The need for an increased focus on enhancing leadership capability, organisational development and building core policing skills and systems was noted by all stakeholders. It is an opportune time for the partners in the TPDP to come together and agree on the best approaches for building on the momentum created for organisational change and improvements in policing in Tonga.

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