Community Participation Limitations in Tourism Planning in Papua New Guinea

Tourism Community development Papua New Guinea

This study examines issues relating to community participation limitations in tourism planning. It focuses on the communities associated with the Boluminski Cycling and Tigak Sea Kayaking Product Plans in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. Specifically, this research was to examine the perspectives of relevant stakeholders and shed light on the limitations in the participation process. The study considers the local systems that are used to overcome limitations in the participation process. The results of the study are that stakeholder opinions focus on awareness, perceptions of tourism, plan approach, role of stakeholders and community views. It was found that the limitations in the community process are of a structural, operational and socio-cultural nature. The results reveal an assortment of traditional, community and government approaches that may be used to overcome community participation limitations. A key conclusion is that community systems that focus on local knowledge and semi-formal business agreements are appropriate participation frameworks to overcome operational limitations in tourism planning.

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