Policy experts often think alike, even when the evidence contradicts them. CIS researchers Jennifer Buckingham, Andrew Norton, Phil Rennie, Jeremy Sammut, and Peter Saunders argue that this is how billions of dollars are spent on government programs that don't work.

The CIS social policy 'mythbusting team' refute six myths that have led to poor policymaking:

Myth 1: All children can benefit from an increase in government spending on institutional child care.

Myth 2: More government spending on education and training can solve the problem of joblessness.

Myth 3: High tuition fees are pricing students from poor backgrounds out of university.

Myth 4: Poverty in Australia is getting worse, and higher welfare spending is needed to counter it.

Myth 5: Higher spending on preventive medicine will reduce health costs in the future.

Myth 6: Higher social expenditure creates a more caring society.

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