Andrew Norton


After demand driven funding in Australia: competing models for distributing student places to universities, courses and students

This paper looks closely at the debate in Australia to find general lessons arising from the current drift towards greater political control over how many people make it to higher education.

Risks and rewards: when is vocational education a good alternative to higher education?

This report argues that a good tertiary education system steers prospective students towards courses that increase their employment opportunities and minimise their risks, and that Australia’s post-school system does not always achieve this goal.

Are international students passing university courses at the same rate as domestic students?

International and domestic students have similar pass rates at the undergraduate level, but this shouldn't be our only concern, writes Andrew Norton.

Labor wants to restore ‘demand driven’ funding to universities: what does this mean?

Labor’s policy wouldn’t only give universities a funding boost, it would help universities adapt to and plan for future needs, writes Andrew Norton.
Position paper

Commonwealth Orange Book 2019: policy priorities for the federal government

This report rates Australia’s performance against similar countries and proposes policy reforms for schools and universities, hospitals and housing, roads and railways, cities and regions, budgets and taxes, retirement incomes, and climate change.