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The best start in life: achieving effective action on child health and wellbeing - a report to the Minister of Health

"HP 5110." ; Prepared by the Public Health Advisory Committee
Child health Child welfare New Zealand

In this report, the New Zealand Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) identifies options for improving child health and wellbeing. Rather than focusing on specific health issues, the PHAC’s advice to the Minister of Health explores why there has been an overall lack of progress in improving health outcomes for New Zealand children aged under six and makes recommendations to improve these outcomes.

The report has five main sections. Section 1 overviews the problem, makes international comparisons, describes the importance of the early years, and describes what needs to change to improve child health outcomes in New Zealand. Sections 2 to 5 focus on the four areas the PHAC believes will contribute significantly to improving child health:

  • leadership to champion child health and wellbeing
  • an effective whole-of-government approach for children
  • an integrated approach to service delivery for children
  • monitoring of child health and wellbeing.
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