REIA response to the Productivity Commission’s issues paper on mutual recognition schemes

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The Commission’s Issue Paper deals with the review of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (the MRA) and the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement (the TTMRA).

REIA’s response focusses on real estate professionals and addresses the Commission’s terms of reference to recommend ways to further improve the inter-jurisdictional movement of skilled workers, and reduce red tape, including examining the scope for automatic mutual recognition where applicable and the extent to which the Agreement on Trans-Tasman Court Proceedings and Regulatory Enforcement could facilitate the Trans-Tasman provision of services by particular occupations, based on a single registration.

Under the MRA, Australian states or territories mutually recognise compliance with each other’s laws for the sale of goods and the registration of occupations. Under the TTMRA such recognition is between Australia and New Zealand.

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