National Youth Survey 2006: the main concerns of young Australians

Youth Australia

This national annual survey of 14,700 young people, aged 11-24 (95% between 11-19), has found family conflict, alcohol and other drugs and body image are their three main issues of concern. When asked to rank 12 issues in level of importance, family conflict was ranked most frequently in the top three by 28.6% of respondents. Alcohol and other drugs was a top concern for 28.2% of respondents, while body image – included as a category in the survey for the first time – came in third at 28.1%. Both females and males were similarly concerned about body image. Changes in the 2006 survey reveal young people are confronting a broader and more complex range of issues. This is Mission Australia’s fifth National Youth Survey – and its largest so far. It was conducted through schools and colleges around the country – and with the assistance of community organisations, government agencies, corporate partners – and was available on-line. The survey asked a range of questions, including ‘What do young people value?’, ‘Where do you turn for advice/support?’ and ‘What people/organisations do you most admire?’. Of around 800 respondents identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, 150 respondents were homeless.

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