Australian vocational education and training statistics: Financial information 2016

Vocational education and training Higher education TAFE Australia

This publication provides financial information on the government-funded vocational education and training (VET) system in Australia. Reporting includes VET funds transacted through government accounts of the Australian and state and territory government departments and their controlled training organisation entities such as TAFE institutes and colleges.

In 2016, compared with 2015:

- operating revenues for the government–funded VET system were $8144.4 million, a decrease in nominal terms of $1642.0 million (16.8%)

- revenue from the Australian Government decreased by $1246.7 million (27.3%)

- revenue from state and territory governments decreased by $424.7 million (12.8%)

- revenue from fee-for-service activities increased by $33.0 million (2.9%)

- total operating expenditures were $7071.9 million, a decrease of $52.3 million (0.7%).

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