Review of the strategic partnership between NZAID, the government of Papua New Guinea and Save the Children New Zealand

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NZAID, the Government of PNG (GoPNG), and Save the Children New Zealand (SCNZ) are signatories to a three-year Strategic Partnership Arrangement (SPA) which runs from 2006 to 2009. The review of the SPA has the following three objectives: 

• To assess the overall quality of the strategic partnership relationship and the extent to which the partnership has been effectively managed and implemented by all parties (the ‘relationship’ objective). 

• To establish the extent to which Save the Children’s programme management systems support the achievement of programme objectives (the ‘systems’ objective). 

• To ascertain results (outputs, outcomes and impacts), and establish the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, sustainability and ‘value for money’ of the strategic partnership (the ‘results’ objective).  

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