Mates over merit: the women in media report

A study of gender differences in Australian media
Sex discrimination Discrimination Mass media Journalism Australia

This data was collected via a national online survey of 1,054 Australian journalists between September and December 2015.

The survey was developed by Women in Media, a national mentoring and networking initiative run by women from across the media spectrum, backed by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

Respondents to the survey believe discrimination remains rife in the industry.

“Mates over merit” was a frequently expressed sentiment. Many noted the declining number of women “as you go up the food chain”. For those with a long career, the issue of ageism is of increasing concern.

Despite policies to prevent discrimination, barely half of respondents rate them positively: only 11% said they were “very effective”.

There is evidence of a significant gender pay gap in the survey data, reinforced by research from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency revealing a 23.3% gap in Information, Media and Telecommunications.

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