Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Policy report

Don't read the comments: enhancing online safety for women working in the media

This policy document brings together findings from secondary research and consultations with 12 female journalists and media workers and one male journalist from Australia to recommend strategies for media organisations to prevent and respond to gender-based abuse on their platforms.

Mates over merit: the women in media report

Respondents to a survey of 1,054 Australian journalists between September and December 2015 believe discrimination remains rife in the industry.

The chilling effect: the report into the state of press freedom in Australia in 2017

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance's annual report into press freedom in Australia outlines the challenges faced by journalists and media organisations. In the survey produced for the report, almost half of the respondents (48%) said they’d experienced intimidation, abuse or sexual harassment in the...

Submission to the Review of the viability of creating an Indigenous television broadcasting service

Australians are currently served by two public broadcasting networks. While both the ABC and the SBS have charters that require them to broadcast programs that, in the case of the ABC, “reflect the cultural diversity of the Australian community”, and, in the case of SBS...