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Responding to the problem of recidivist drink drivers: final report

17 Apr 2018

A specialist drink driving order should be introduced to help tackle Tasmania’s persistent problem of repeat drink driving offenders, according to this research.

The report found evidence which suggest that a well-designed specialist response to repeat drink driving would provide a promising alternative to traditional sentencing approaches.

The specialist drink driving order would be situated with the drug treatment order that currently operates with the Magistrates Court.

The report also constructed the first Tasmanian profile of repeat drink drivers –where the majority are male with nearly 85% of offenders having a history of alcohol abuse.

The TLRI sought community consultation as part of its research into the issue, where the Institute also analysed models which exist in other jurisdictions.

The final report also looked at the adequacy of current criminal justice responses to repeat drink drivers, and found these were inadequate for a number of repeat offenders.

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