Review of pharmacy remuneration and regulation: final report

4 May 2018

The panel has completed a comprehensive Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation. This has involved consulting broadly with consumers and peak industry bodies that represent areas of the pharmacy and healthcare sector. The panel has also held public forums and visited individual pharmacies, while commissioning research into overseas arrangements, and a financial analysis of the sector. The panel has developed a number of recommendations with the intention of removing unnecessary regulation and sustaining both consumer access to pharmacy and government value for money, while also maintaining the viability of the sector.

The recommendations encompass the entire pharmacy sector and have the potential to affect consumers, pharmacists, pharmacy owners, distributors and manufacturers, as well as a number of other stakeholders. These recommendations have been considered carefully and, where appropriate, guidance has been given on how government can positively affect change in the sector.

There are four key elements that shape the review’s recommendations and underpin the delivery of the National Medicines Policy (NMP)—Minimum Pharmacy Services, Electronic Prescriptions, Pharmacy Accounting Information and Future Community Pharmacy Agreement Process (see Figure 1). These represent foundational recommendations that act as enablers to other issues and should be progressed as a priority by government.

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