New media arts scoping study

Report to the Australia Council for the Arts

10 Oct 2006

The scoping study's recommendations were developed through consultation – by way of interviews, focus groups and written submissions – with more than 100 people and organisations. The scoping study sets a future for media arts at the Australia Council that sees it integrated across the funding programs of the organisation and more broadly through the production and presentation infrastructure in the arts sector in Australia. The study includes a 10-year vision for media arts as a vital element of Australian arts, whose artists are internationally recognised and create innovative works based in a strong culture of experimentation, research and creative development, industry partnership, awareness and community engagement.

Key recommendations for initial focus are:

  • Continued monitoring of support for media arts across the Australia Council;
  • Inclusion of media arts specific strategies as part of the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy;
  • Emphasis on media arts expertise among board members and peers at the Australia Council;
  • Importance of media literacy as part of the Australia Council’s Arts and Education Strategy;
  • Partnerships with the museums and galleries sector to build capacity for the exhibition of media arts;
  • Implementation of a media arts publishing program; Implementation of a research program to develop further knowledge and understanding of media arts;
  • Development of resources to ensure clear career pathways for artists working in media arts.

The scoping study identified other recommendations about media arts and contemporary practice that will be developed through further consultation and dialogue with the field.


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