Bringing it all together: guidelines for arts and mental health projects

8 Oct 2014

As the discussion grows and the benefits of this area of practice are documented, focus is now being shifted to how practitioners from both the health and arts sides of the conversation deliver their business. In regional South Australia, artists are showing health practitioners new ways of engaging with their clients, creating more positive health outcomes, but also generating creative new ways of delivering health messages and practices.

These protocols and guidelines for arts and mental health projects have been developed to better equip artists and mental health workers in this arena. It is intended this initiative will generate a more skilled workforce and employ more innovative models of delivery. This is a result of a long standing partnership between Country Health SA and Country Arts SA responding to the call from both the arts and health sectors for resources such as these Guidelines.

One of the main aims of the partnership is to increase opportunities for social connection using arts and culture as an opportunity to improve wellbeing. The program has a regional state-wide strategic approach and one of the outcomes is the development of a set of workable, respectful, ethical standards for people working in the arts and mental health. This resource will assist artists and mental health workers to demonstrate best practice when working with participants and to support them to achieve their health and artistic goals

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