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The information that democracy needs

Whitlam Oration 2018
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The Whitlam Oration has become a respected platform for prominent Australians to provide serious commentary on the contemporary relevance of the Whitlam Legacy and to contribute to public debate. This Oration, The Information That Democracy Needs, continues this great tradition.

The Orator, Bret Walker SC, has dedicated his life to the bar, its traditions, and to justice. But throughout his career he has never lost his deep understanding of our society and the impact of the law on the lives of our citizens. He is more than just one of the finest legal minds Australia has ever produced, he is renowned as a thinker, advocate and writer on the challenging and critically important issues of contemporary politics and governance.

Just like Gough Whitlam before him, Bret Walker has been unswervingly committed to justice and the creation of a fairer society, and has spent a lifetime thinking deeply about Australia’s constitutional structure and system of government. Also like Gough, he knows that the country’s laws should work for the benefit of its citizens and he believes in informed public discussion on critically important issues. 

Who better to give a Whitlam Oration entitled “The Information That Democracy Needs”?

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