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Cooling cities with green space. Policy fact sheets

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As cities grapple with the impacts of heatwaves, exacerbated by the urban heat island effect and progressively amplified by climate change impacts, green spaces can cool urban areas, as well as providing many other functions and benefits to city dwellers’ health and wellbeing, and habitat for urban biodiversity.

Fact sheet 1: Outlines urban heat causes and impacts, prioritising green space for urban cooling and identifies key opportunities to mitigate urban heat through green space.

Fact sheet 2: Outlines how public policies can contribute to retaining and maximising urban green spaces. Four mechanisms include government provision and demonstration, information and engagement, incentives and awards, and regulation.

Fact sheet 3: Outlines policy success factors across four dimensions associated with the different processes, structures and areas of focus associated with policy making: strategic (leadership, vision), tactical (alliances and networks), organisational (implementation) and reflexive (monitoring and evaluation).

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