This guide sets out to demystify responsible and ethical investment.

Responsible and ethical investment has become a major part of the investment landscape across Australasia, with over half of all investments in Australia, and the vast majority in New Zealand, now being invested responsibly and ethically. The smartest investors in our region now understand that the most sustainable companies make the best investments.

Those companies who pollute the environment, who underpay employees, who breach human rights in their supply chains, or ignore community concerns, who rip off their customers, risk making significant damage to their brands and their share price. Responsible investment has now proven itself to be an important element of understanding the full value of investments, underpinning strong risk adjusted investment returns.

But more than just for performance, clients are increasingly expecting their savings to be invested in a way that does no harm, and ideally leaves the world in a better place. Whether that is through superannuation, KiwiSaver, investments or savings, Australians and New Zealanders are increasingly moving their money to ensure it’s aligned with their values.

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