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Benchmarking, envisioning and transition planning for a water sensitive Bendigo: final case report

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The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) was invited to develop a water sensitive city vision and transition strategy for Bendigo as part of its Integrated Research Project 1: Visions and Transition Strategies. The project aims to develop tools and processes for bringing city stakeholders together to create strategic alignment and partnerships for transitioning to their envisioned water sensitive future.

The workshop series engaged industry and community stakeholders in performance benchmarking and diagnostic assessment, the co-creation of a shared vision of a water sensitive city, and development of a strategic framework for guiding the transition to their envisioned water future.

Bendigo is one of five case studies conducted as part of the Water Sensitive City Visions and Transition Strategies project (along with Perth, Adelaide, Townsville and Sydney). The CRCWSC has also undertaken a similar project for Gold Coast outside the IRP1 project structure. These cases collectively provide strategic insights about the agenda of transitioning to a water sensitive Australian cities more broadly.

The report brings together the results of approximately 50 one-on-one interviews and 5 workshops with industry, government, non-government stakeholders, 3 workshops and 3 focus groups with community participants, as well as analysis by the project team. Some examples of the evidence accumulated in the form of quotes of participants or photographs of workshop outputs have been included throughout the report to support the presentation of findings. Perceptions expressed in the quotes or images should not be interpreted as representative of the views of the whole participant group, organisations represented in the workshop series, or of the authors.

A companion report, “Vision and Transition Strategy for a Water Sensitive Bendigo”, consolidates these findings into an executive summary that is intended for broad circulation. Alongside the production of practical guidance for the Bendigo water and planning sectors contained in this report and its companion document, the engagement process overall has been valuable for strengthening relationships amongst stakeholders and building momentum and commitment for driving Bendigo’s transition towards its envisioned water sensitive future

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