Discussion paper

The Committee for Melbourne established the Melbourne 4.0 taskforce in 2016 to help prepare our city for the forces of innovation and disruption brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Taskforce identifies a high quality, mass transit link to Melbourne Airport as a key contribution to helping solve wider network congestion.

The Committee called for this vital piece of infrastructure in November 2016 and believes this initiative must be addressed as a matter of priority.

Melbourne's connectivity - regionally, nationally and internationally - must improve if we are to remain a liveable and globally competitive city.

On 24 October 2017, the Committee hosted a forum titled Airport link: from concept to commencement. The forum brought together experts from the Committee's membership base, as well as key public and private sector stakeholders.

The forum established five guiding principles which were then refined at a subsequent meeting on 4 December 2017. These principles have shaped the Committee's submission.

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