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NSW draft freight and ports plan

Freight Airports Transport New South Wales

New South Wales’ freight and ports network is fundamental to our economy. The
State’s future economic growth and prosperity are built on the safe, efficient and
reliable movement of goods. Delivering a more efficient transport system that
facilitates this reliably is fundamental to the economic prosperity of the State, and
achieving savings for consumers of those goods.

Our ports, roads, rail and aviation customers value efficient and productive networks
and regulatory arrangements so that they can move high volumes of goods quickly,
safely and cost effectively to markets, all the time.

In the next 40 years, freight volumes are estimated to double in the Greater Sydney
area and grow by a quarter in Regional NSW. Our major commercial ports at Port
Botany, Port Kembla and Newcastle are managing increasing volumes of imported
and exported goods which require faster, more efficient road and rail access
channels with our Sydney and Regional NSW markets.

With a growing population and increasing freight task, we need to provide innovative
solutions to the demands placed on the freight transport network to address issues
such as congestion, journey and access times and safety risks.

We will create a future transport system that meets the needs of our freight
customers by:
• continuing to invest in road and rail infrastructure to provide greater access on the
• facilitating the introduction of new technologies to drive efficiencies on the network
• utilising dynamic network management that prioritises vehicles depending on
productivity, type of use and time of day
• reforming road, rail and maritime regulations to harmonise cross border
regulatory regimes that will drive economic efficiencies.

Feedback is open until 25 March 2018.

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