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The My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018 (Bill) will amend the My Health Records Act 2012 (MHR Act) to:

  • remove the authority of the System Operator (the Australian Digital Health Agency or ADHA) to disclose the health information in a My Health Record to enforcement agencies or other government bodies without a judicial order or the healthcare recipient’s consent (making it consistent with the ADHA’s policy position) and
  • require the System Operator to destroy the health information in a healthcare recipient’s My Health Record if they cancel their registration.

The Bill will also:

  • provide the process for orders of disclosure of My Health Record health information to be made by judicial officers to designated entities and
  • provide for the collection, use and disclosure of health information under the specific legislation, namely the MHR Act and the legislation associated with Auditor-General, the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Australian Information Commissioner
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Bills Digest no.30 2018-19