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Discussion paper

Position paper: NDIS reasonable and necessary supports – the case for respite

17 Oct 2018

Carers often put in years of constant care, especially if they are primary carers (those who provide the most substantial amount of care).

Respite provides an opportunity for carers and those they care for to take a break from each other.

Respite services can include:

  • alternative supported accommodation for the person being cared for in an emergency when the carer is not in a position to provide care
  • paid replacement care being offered in the home
  • community based day centre activities for the person being cared for
  • the opportunity to take a break overnight, over a weekend or even a number of weeks when alternative supported accommodation is available for the person being cared for
  • the ability to take a break or holiday with the person being cared for accompanied by a paid carer


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