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Not Adani deal: Queensland government subsidies to Adani

12 Dec 2018

The Queensland government should immediately rule out two subsidies it has offered to Adani's coal project.

Adani recently claimed it will proceed without subsidies, with the company providing all finance.

The Queensland government has said repeatedly it not provide taxpayer funds. Documents released under Right to Information (RTI) show in 2015 the Queensland Cabinet promised to use “non-financial” support to support new coal mines in the Galilee Basin, including through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).

While the Queensland government has vetoed a $1 billion subsidised loan from NAIF, it is still offering its own major financial subsidies: a free road worth $100 million and a secret deal on royalties that could lend Adani hundreds of millions of dollars on a subsidised rate.

Documents released under Right to Information law have revealed the government is considering funding a road that Adani promised to build and has already said is for its near exclusive benefit.

The Queensland government claims it is unclear whether the road is for Adani or for public benefit.

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