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Conference paper

Building Information Modelling for Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation: Integration with Green Building Index (GBI) in Malaysia

3 May 2016

Due to the arising concern for sustainability in built environment, numerous green building certification and rating systems are available throughout the world including Green Building Index (GBI) and GreenRE which were introduced in Malaysia in 2009 and 2013 respectively. However, the current methods of measuring, analysing and documenting the green building design rely on a number of disjointed processes to meet the discrete requirements for various building systems. The development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology has made it easier to get complicated building modelling be digitally constructed, generating all required information to support green building design and assessment throughout various design stages. Thereby the aim of this research is to integrate BIM and green building certification in Malaysia, using GBI as a unique case. Firstly, Green Building Index (GBI) and related guidelines were reviewed. Secondly, functionalities of BIM software (Autodesk Revit) were studied and compared to GBI assessment criteria. Finally a generic BIM-GBI model was developed based on the matchup of GBI credits and the functionality of Revit, focusing on the first category of GBI, which is Energy Efficiency (EE) and holds 35% of total points in GBI. The proposed BIM-GBI (EE) model was preliminarily validated by creating a use case of GBI sub-category EE1. The fundamental contribution of this research will be the unique approach it proposed to fulfil green building certification such as GBI by integrating functionalities of BIM.

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