Rehabilitation of mining and resources projects and power station ash dams as it relates to Commonwealth responsibilities

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This report is comprised of 10 chapters. Subsequent chapters cover the following issues:

  • Chapter 2 provides an overview of the mining rehabilitation process;
  • Chapter 3 outlines the current regulatory framework governing mine closure and rehabilitation in Australia, and examines how regulation can support industry in achieving better practice;
  • Chapter 4 explores the minerals industry's current performance in Australia in relation to site rehabilitation;
  • Chapter 5 considers the issue of abandoned mines in Australia and how these sites can be best managed and rehabilitated;
  • Chapter 6 discusses issues relating to the costs of mining rehabilitation, and the regulatory tools used by governments to mitigate the risk of rehabilitation liabilities being forced onto taxpayers;
  • Chapter 7 examines Indigenous Australians' engagement with mine closure planning and rehabilitation processes, as well as discussing potential employment and community benefits of increased mine rehabilitation activity;
  • Chapter 8 provides a summary of additional reform proposals raised by stakeholders relating to mine site rehabilitation that could be implemented by the Commonwealth;
  • Chapter 9 covers issues relating to the rehabilitation of power station ash dams in Australia; and
  • Chapter 10 outlines the approach taken to committee views in this report.
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