The 2019 ethical fashion report: the truth behind the barcode

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The 2019 Ethical Fashion Report grades 130 companies from A+ to F, based on the strength of their systems to mitigate against the risks of forced labour, child labour, and exploitation in their supply chains.

In addition to its traditional focus on labour rights, this year’s research also incorporates new environmental management metrics in the assessment criteria. In 2019, 75% of companies assessed actively engaged in the research process, shedding light on the global fashion industry’s performance in the arenas of labour rights and environmental management. For the 43 million workers in the Asia Pacific region, and for millions of others across the world, the global fashion industry remains a significant employer. It also spurs economic growth, generates tax revenue, provides valuable skills and training, and delivers crucial foreign exchange. All of these factors can, and often do, contribute to improving the lives of workers and their communities. 

At the same time, however, the fashion industry is a source of exploitation for millions.

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