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The Labor Party is the only major party committed to real action on climate change. Labor accepts the science of climate change and endorses the Paris Agreement to keep global warming well below two degrees Celsius as well as a more qualified commitment around a 1.5 degree threshold.

Labor knows it is the responsibility of federal government to implement credible policies to avoid the worst impacts from climate change, including policies to keep global warming to below two degrees Celsius, policies to protect our economy and policies to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

While pollution declined by 11 per cent under the last Labor government, under the Liberals, pollution has risen every year and is projected to keep rising all the way to 2030.

Consistent with our obligations under Paris of keeping global warming to well-below two degrees above pre-industrial levels, and informed by independent Climate Change Authority advice, Labor is committed to reducing Australia’s pollution by 45 percent on 2005 levels by 2030, and to reach net zero pollution by 2050.

Failure to act on climate change will expose the Australian people and environment to devastating costs for our economy, society, security, health and environment. Experts at the ANU, University of Melbourne and CSIRO estimate failing to keep global warming to below two degrees will eventually cost the average Australian household $14,000 per year.

Labor will take real action on climate change, by working with industries to bring down pollution, protect competitiveness and jobs, and build the industries of the future. Our plan will provide the stability and certainty business need, while reducing pollution. We won’t be introducing a carbon tax, carbon pricing mechanism or raising any revenue from climate policies. Our approach is cooperative and tailored to keep the economy strong while bringing down pollution to protect our future.

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