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Labor accepts the science that human activity has increased average global temperatures, leading to climate change. Labor endorses the commitment by the world’s nations in Paris in 2015 to keep global warming well below two degrees Celsius as well as a more qualified commitment in the agreement around a 1.5 degree threshold.

The Paris commitment reflects the overwhelming advice from scientists that global warming beyond two degrees Celsius will be particularly damaging to economies and ecosystems, and impose a huge burden on future generations.

The consequences of refusing to take real action on climate change will be devastating for Australia and our economy. We will experience more extreme weather events and face heightened instability in our region.

Labor will cut pollution through the best available pathway and in the most economically efficient way to protect our strong economy and the environment. We will transform our energy markets, to cleaner, more efficient sources and deliver 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

Only Labor will build an Emissions Trading Scheme and a suite of energy efficiency and transition measures underpinned by a pollution reduction target of net zero pollution by 2050. We will put a cap on pollution and create new opportunities for Australian firms to trade and engage with other ETS jurisdictions – already 40 per cent of the world’s economy.

Labor has an economic and environmental plan to combat climate change by getting Australia’s pollution levels back under control and ensuring that Australian business and workers are in the best position possible to benefit from the huge investment and job opportunities that will flow from a renewable energy and clean technology future.

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