Respite in New Zealand: we must do better

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This paper sets out ideas and actions to develop a fairer and more sustainable respite system for New Zealand.

It was commissioned by the New Zealand Carers Alliance in association with Alzheimers NZ and IHC.

Many parts of our respite system are broken and need fixing. Respite exists in a suite of associated services, which may influence the need for respite services. This suite of services is not addressed here. The paper also does not dwell on the problems with respite, which are well documented and acknowledged elsewhere. The paper is about action, and what is needed now to support improvement.

The paper is purposefully brief and to the point. The problems with respite exist across multiple sectors, but dementia is a key focus in this paper due to the immediate and growing need in our country.

The aim is to promote an informed debate that will lead to action and improvement.

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