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Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework: literature review

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At a National and International level, there is little existing precedence or known successful demonstrations that can form the basis of a Victorian Framework. In a bid to strengthen the understanding and approach on how best to develop a Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework, one that provides both a basis for integrated client centred policy responses that span people’s life-course, a review at a state, federal and international level has been undertaken.

The purpose of the literature review is to describe and analyse the current literature, including relevant recent policy, and data provided in the context of research reports available on Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness, specifically relating to existing frameworks, strategies, and Government and First Peoples led approaches.

This review gathers information on Aboriginal (First Peoples) housing and homelessness throughout the States and Territories of Australia and comparable international information. The review describes, summarises, and compares the literature and conveys the knowledge and ideas that have been established on the topic.

In total, 39 documents were reviewed as part of this process.

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