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Sensitivity Warning

First Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this resource may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

Conference proceedings

Presentations from the National Homelessness Conference 2018

Melbourne Cricket Ground, 6–7 August 2018

The 2018 National Homelessness Conference, presenting the theme ‘Ending homelessness together’, delivered a wealth of evidence and information on ways to understand, reduce and alleviate homelessness. Over 800 delegates and more than 80 speakers participated across two very full days, exploring the underlying drivers of homelessness and the strategies to overcome it.  

  • Celia Adams—Private rental market: BeyondHousing
  • Lucy Adams—Beyond criminalisation: reflecting on Melbourne’s experience
  • Eileen Baldry—Exiting prison into homelessness
  • Simon Benjamin—Trauma informed care: Lighthouse Foundation - an example in practice
  • John Berger—Kensington Street Service
  • John Blewonski—Recovery within crisis accommodation: The Ozanam House Pilot
  • Sherri Bruinhout—Victoria's Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Plan
  • David Cain—Communicare's Breathing Space
  • Kathrine Cock—Women's Safety Services SA
  • Paula Coghill—Redressing Aboriginal homelessness
  • Kate Colvin—Everybody's Home: the campaign for a better, fairer housing system
  • Marah Curtis—Housing stability: implications for well-being
  • Kate Cvetanovski—Homelessness and the NDIS
  • Monique Dam—Women on temporary visas who are experiencing domestic and family violence
  • Debbie Faulkner, Jeff Fiedler—'Ageing with no address' ageing on the edge: Older People at Risk of Homelessness Project
  • Martin Foley MP—Hearts and homes: public perceptions on homelessness
  • Andrew Hollows—Australian Homelessness Monitor
  • Cathy Humphrey, Paul Flatau—The Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) program, implementing trauma in informed care
  • Gavin Jackman—Homes for Homes: a social enterprise by The Big Issue
  • Juha Kaakinen—Housing First and ending homelessness in Finland
  • Sally Langton—Aboriginal homelessness: perspectives
  • Jeanette Large—Women's Property Initiatives
  • Penny Leemhuis—Older women lost in housing
  • Alison McDonald—Your voice against violence
  • Paul McDonald—Home Stretch
  • Ruth McNair—Drivers, policy reform and service delivery needs
  • Kristy Muir—Social impact investing: beyond blankets, handbags and laundries
  • Gerry Naughtin—The NDIA and homelessness
  • Olav Nielssen—Pathways in and out of homelessness in Sydney
  • Margot Politis, Chris Hartley—Changing the story of homelessness
  • Yvette Park—Visitors and rough sleepers
  • Kate Paterson—Council to Homeless Persons project
  • David Pearson—Adelaide Zero Project: ending street homelessness in the inner city
  • Cindi Petersen, Brooke Morley—Making the private market work in responding to homelessness
  • Nicholas Pleace—Housing First in Europe: the solution to homelessness?
  • Emma Power—Housing: an infrastructure of care
  • Felicity Reynolds—Beyond blankets, handbags and laundries: charity will never end homelessness
  • Kai Schweizer—1 in 2: our LGBTIQA+ youth homelessness crisis
  • Angela Spinney—How and why should homelessness and housing organisations identify and respond to domestic and family violence?
  • James Toomey—Young people's experiences of homelessness
  • Clare Townsend—Through the eye of the need: improving outcomes under the NDIS
  • WA Alliance to End Homelessness—The Western Australian strategy to end homelessness
  • Karyn Walsh—People, systems, rough sleeping
  • Monique Wiseman—The Wayside Chapel (6 Aug)
  • Monique Wiseman—The Wayside Chapel (7 Aug)
  • Debra Zanella—Ending rough sleeping: what works?
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