Council to Homeless Persons

Position paper

Make social housing work

This document outlines a plan for the Victorian government to increase investment into social housing, to increase Victoria's proportion of social housing to the national average.

Specialist Homelessness Sector: workforce capability framework

This framework clarifies the skills, knowledge and competencies required by practitioners providing high-quality Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) services. It provides the capabilities required for work in the SHS, for today and into the future.

Messaging guide for Royal Commission into Mental Health

The upcoming Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System will see submissions from a range of health and human service organisations. This guide provides some language and supporting evidence that can be copied or adapted for making a submission.

Council to Homeless Persons pre-budget submission 2019–2020

This submission calls for increased funding and actions from the Victorian government to improve access to housing and address homelessness in the state.

The Specialist Homelessness Sector transition plan (2018-2022)

The development of the SHS Industry Transition Plan has provided an opportunity for the SHS sector to contribute to government’s thinking about the process, and the opportunity to identify priorities for future development.