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Applying level of detail in a BIM-based project: an overall process for lean design management

Few construction companies apply the available lean tools and processes in an integrated manner when managing design. Additionally, lean design management tools and processes each have their own strengths and optimal phases in which they should be applied, so by combining information from various sources...
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Implementing takt planning and takt control into residential construction

This study addresses the suitability of takt planning and takt control (TPTC) for the interior phase in residential construction projects. The purpose is to gain understanding on how to best implement TPTC in residential construction.
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Improving the learning of design management operations by exploiting production's feedback: design science approach

The results of this study indicate that while the relevancy of continuous learning is well recognised, construction organisations are incapable of effectively exploiting the best practices of knowledge management.
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Combining takt production with industrialized logistics in construction

The purpose of this research is to investigate how takt production benefits from proper logistics solutions. The findings reveal that utilizing specific assembly and logistics units together with JIT delivery of material kits and integrated design and production information reduces material waste and procurement costs...
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Fostering process innovations in construction through industry–university consortium

This study aims to describe the development of an industry–university (IU) relationship which has enabled the conduct of practically and scientifically relevant research. Using empirical data, this study describes how to create a win-win IU innovation relationship that enables the implementation of process innovations into...
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A Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) analysis of a meta-project production system in renovation projects

The Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) model is a novel approach to understanding the elements that impact production systems in the world of construction. Building on prior work such as the "Transformation-Flow-Value" (TFV) theory, the PPO model adds a multi- and meta-project view through its consideration of the...
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Review of Lean Design management: processes, methods and technologies

Several lean methods, processes and tools have been successfully implemented in construction design, however, despite the increased use of Lean Design Management (LDM), many attributes are still applied in an isolated manner leading to lack of an integrated framework. The aim of this paper is...
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Combining takt planning with prefabrication for industrialized construction

Prefabrication and takt planning and control have been discussed a lot among lean construction researchers and practitioners. However, prefabrication and takt planning together as a way to promote industrialization in construction have been under explored in earlier research. Based on a literature review and two...
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Efficiency in the delivery of multi-story timber buildings

The premise of this research was that some of the following reasons may cause ineffectiveness in the delivery of wood based multi-story building projects: lacks in development and standardization of structural systems, lacks in the availability of BIM software for wood buildings, specific additional building...

The basic income experiment 2017–2018 in Finland: preliminary results

This is the first research publication presenting the effects of the basic income experiment in Finland (2017-2018). It includes a preliminary register-based statistical analysis of the employment effects of the experiment for 2017.