Collaborating with regional communities: guidelines and tools for regional arts and cultural engagement

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These guidelines and tools are to assist those working in regional communities achieve a more rewarding level of involvement in cultural activities. They show how to strengthen decisions, build productive partnerships and develop positive outcomes for both local hosts and visitors to rural, regional and remote Australia. Good practice enables strong participation in arts activities, saves time and money and achieves positive results regardless of the nature of the collaboration, the scale of the project, or the artform.

Whether you are a visitor engaging in collaborative cultural projects or practices, or a host to partners in a collaboration, this document is designed to help you. It describes how to initiate, negotiate and conduct successful collaborative partnerships. It is designed for artists, arts organisations, community groups, venues, local government bodies, touring arts organisations, and other individuals or organisations whose work includes collaborating with others on arts or cultural projects in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Case studies from around the country have been prepared to showcase good practice in cultural collaboration in regional Australia. They are referenced throughout the document.

Existing guidelines and protocols are already available for related areas, including protocols for working with First Nations artists and volunteers. References and links to relevant resources can be found at the end of this document. This document is not intended to replicate or reinvent this information, nor does it aim to act as an exhaustive list. Rather, these guidelines and tools are provided to draw together the most important principles of good regional engagement and identify examples of them working successfully in practice.

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